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Borough of Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park Flood Restoration Survey

Lincoln Park was awarded technical assistance from the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers Silver Jackets program to assist with post acquisition restoration planning for heavily flooded areas. 

The goal of this plan is to help mitigate flooding thru naturalization of areas and working to include passive recreation opportunities (i.e. boating, trails and habitat creation). 

The Borough and its team (USACE, Rutgers, NJDEP and the County of Morris) are looking for input from the public and request you fill out this short survey below. 

For questions on this plan or survey please reach out to Borough Administrator Perry Mayers:

Are you a resident of, or property owner in, Lincoln Park?

Did you know that Lincoln Park has bought out properties in heavily flood-prone areas?

Are you a homeowner?

Are you interested in a flood buyout of your property?

 Please contact Borough Administrator Perry Mayers at for more information. 

Lincoln Park is looking to develop flood plain restoration plans for some of the most heavily flooded areas. Possible uses include flood storage, recreational opportunities, and open space.

What possible uses of flood plain areas are important to you?

How likely are you to use any of the above recreation options?

Do you think a restoration planning effort like this is important?

This form is only meant to be submitted by residents of Lincoln Park.